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Remote pushbutton harness

Remote pushbutton harness
We are unable to accept orders for new batteries and parts for the foreseeable future. Thanks for your understanding!

Remote pushbutton harness. About 4' in length. Allows the battery to be turned on and off remotely via a wired pushbutton. Pushbutton is mounted via a wire run to a plug that connects to the battery. This is a simple, inexpensive pushbutton harness. If you have a custom harness that you wish to use, or need a longer one, you can purchase the connector that connects to the plug on the battery separately here, and build your own.

NOTE: Color/style may be different from picture

Connects to the mating connector on the battery. Pinout for the connector is:

  • pin 1: pushbutton (momentary short to pin 2)
  • pin 2: pushbutton (momentary short to pin 1)
  • pin 3: unused (emergency charge port*)

* Emergency charge port is used to charge an over-discharged battery. You will likely never need to use this, except if battery is extremely over-discharged, and won't turn back on. Normally, the battery must be on to charge. If the battery is over-discharged to the point where the LVC (low voltage cutoff) turns the battery off, and then left in this discharged state, it can possibly self discharge to an extremely low level, low enough where the battery won't turn back on again. In the rare case this happens, put a metal pin into the emergency charge port, and connect a multimeter to the battery negative post and the pin, and verify that voltage is between 6 to 9 volts. Using a trickle charger of no more than .75 amps, charge the battery to 12.5V. Then stop charging using the emergency charge port, turn the battery on, and finish charging normally via the battery terminals.

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